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As a top search firm, we recruit diverse talent for some of the smaller companies and for some of the most powerful and successful technology companies in the world. The top-performers. The real heroes of your company - the game-changers that come in all shapes and sizes. Why do you need us? We search smarter and give you more. Candidates you never dreamed existed with pricing that is competitive and pricing that you can trust. Need a hard fill or a simple position filled? Maybe a C-level or an executive postion filled...We do all the work timely and professionally. We provide large scale candidate research at small scale pricing. With our business intelligence process in vetting, we hold our competitive edge and outperform traditional search firms. We will forge ahead in the business in excellence - it's what we do.

Procure Recruiting will be looked to first and become the top search firm in

the United States and throughout the world.

Candidate Treasure Troves

Where Do We Find Them?

Relationships. We surface candidates not just through an online process. We meet with them and have real conversations with them to draw out their motivations and aspirations to give us firsthand knowledge exactly where they will fit into a particular company's physical and climate requirement. We have places you would never dream of looking or knew they existed. How? By placing the human factor in the equation along with creative innovation and technology. This is a winning combination on how we harness super hero powers and bring them directly to your doorstep. Who needs a win-win? That's what we do.

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Resume Optimization

What da problem is? Can you say "Grammar?" This is relatively simple to solve when editing a resume; however, we add in a special ingredient others don't stop to think about: Your next hire's story! Why? This alone can save a ton of time when determining if your company culture matches their background experience. A 24-year-old Senior Consultant? Does such a thing exist? That is what we do - tell their true story. Not some template make-shift rhetoric reading off of someone else's script. No puffing or exaggeration. Plain and simple. Nothing fancy. Just the facts.

Hiring Company Process

Goals and Solutions? Career path opportunities? Temporary employees must have a potential to become permanent, agree? You have a problem to solve and we have a solution. We utilize an in-depth recruiting process for all of our candidates. Know what you need? Let's get to work. We're here when you need us whether it's a temporary employee, a direct hire, or even a contractor. We will get you to the finish line - in the least amount of time and the best advantage possible. So let's work smarter together not harder. You deserve it.

Selection Screening and Matching

Hiring an engineer? Wouldn't it make sense to have an experienced Engineer screening candidates? The answer is "YES." That is what we do. Screen applicants within their own speciality through our specialized IVP and match them to the best positions. Do you have one of those standing by at your beck and call? We do. It's what we do.

What Makes Us a Top Staffing firm?

Founded by Lori Keiser, Procure Recruiting offers unprecedented access to rockstar candidates. As others in our business say: "We have ways . . . We are expert search researchers. We reach far beyond traditional search firm resources. We leverage highly placed sources. We use proprietary methods that are not in the average search firm’s playbook. We deliver candidates you never dreamed existed and engage them with your opportunity." We create relationships with our candidates and get to know them. If we think they can bring it, we'll get it out of them to show it off and shine.

Our References

Procure Recruiting is a search and placement firm with unprescedented backing. It's a natural gifting. We are diverse multi-level headhunters who work within every department of your company. Need a labor worker, a skilled tradesman, a healthcare practitioner, a secretary, a clerk, an IT, SAP, Engineering or Finance specialist? No problem. Whatever it is you require, we will hard for your satisfaction. Our candidates and staff have worked in the trenches for some of the most powerful and successful Energy/ Oil & Gas companies in the world with amazing results and testimonials as to their skill levels, professionalism, and timeliness in finished projects. Let's put your company's name down as our next satisfied client. No matter what level of skill your company requires, we will find the perfect candidate - you have our guarantee!

Get to Know Us: Let's talk.

It's all about You, your employees and your customers. You control who gets to come onboard and who gets filed away. Procure Recruiting would like to join forces with your HR talent and get the job done - right! You have our guarantee. We take care and simplify your Human Capital needs painlessly. Let's schedule an onsite visit and let us in on your day-to-day operations. Get to know us and make a friend in the business who can speak your language.

Pricing You Can Trust

We EARN our fees - hands down! There are hundreds of companies out there proclaiming they have the best candidate, but do they really have a true relationship with them? Have they visited your business and seen what it is that you really do on a daily basis? Let them put their money where their mouth is - we will. We offer an available Flat fee pricing of direct hire placements with a 90-day guarantee. If you're not happy, we're not happy. Want to be known for the person in charge of saving your department thousands? Let us help you achieve your goals. Need temporary positions filled? You've come to the right place. Let's talk about what you need.

Our Candidates Past Hires

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Got Procure? Let's talk. Getting started is easy. Simply schedule a call at: 210.627.4457 or send over a quick email to: We understand we’re not the right search firm for every search every time. No search firm is. Either way, we listen and do what we can to help. We make it a practice to cultivate friends of the firm. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation.

Why Procure? We are a Leading Texas Search and Placement Firm Based in San Antonio and Houston. Procure Recruiting serves clients near us at home and abroad. We place candidates as global headhunters for big and small companies. We specialize particularly in Microsoft Excel, Data Migration and SAP PM in the Energy/ Oil & Gas field.